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Mission and Goals

The mission of Hefestos Capital is to make, through its operations, a permanent contribution to the development of the investment market in Southeast Europe. 


We aim to provide more detailed and reliable overview of investment alternatives to parties interested for investments in this part of Europe along with adequate assessment of business risks and to ensure simpler implementation of their business plans in the region. 


We believe that this will directly result in increased competitiveness of economies in the region, creation of new jobs and an improvement in the standard of living. Our business operations are also aimed at promoting social responsibility and care for the community in which we operate. 


We see ourselves in the years ahead as maintaining our leading position in SEE financial markets as a company that constantly invests effort in improving our services in order to provide better and broader satisfaction for our clients. Our vision includes expansion of current activities of Hefestos Capital with the initiation of new projects and expansion to new markets.